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"Dialogues in the Dark" is a mixture of contemporary dance and poetry/spoken words performance, with minimal set and props, but with generous usage of lighting and visual projections.

The meaning behind "Dialogues in the Dark" is that we want to create a safe space where people can express honest impressions, thoughts and attitudes without fear of being ridicule. The safe space also demands the ones to enter be open minded and attempt to emphatize with others' feelings and believes, even those with whom they difer.

"Dialogues in the Dark"

DATE: 01.06.2019 (SATURDAY)




Who knew that sometimes all those sweet words would kill you later. Do you dare to promise ‘forever’ to someone?

Words: @celinezabad (IG)
Art: @victor_game_over (IG)


Things don't always go as planned, but remember life still goes on. Be grateful for the small things ❤

Words: @soulfullyscribbled (IG)
Art: @victor_game_over @papapan_day (IG) 


‘they labeled me as a fragile girl
too show off the feelings
yet the fact all I did was being a human
but for them, it seemed like a sin

my words had no meaning
so nobody heard, let my silence worked
I think everybody not pretty much noticed

I didn't want that kind of attention,
all I want is a connection
but they always understimate me’

Words: @dikagustin (IG)
Art: @papapan_day (IG)


by Azrie Izham Hamzah

Telah aku maafkan beberapa keping aksara
Yang meninggalkan halaman ini
Sebelum sempat aku lengkapi sebuah sajak cinta.

Sekalipun makna jadi teranjak,
Stanza jadi berbeza,
Atau bunyi menjadi sunyi,
Aku tidak pernah berkecil hati.

Mungkin aksara-aksara ini telah terlalu lama
Terkunci di halaman sajak-sajak cinta
Yang kutulis setiap hari setelah engkau pergi.

Kiranya aksara-aksara ini mahu melantun,
Dan kembali ke halaman ini,
Akan kusambut dan susun keping-kepingnya,
Membentuk namamu seperti selalu. 


by Siti Hajar Sharifudin

So she says
red was still her favourite color.

He was gonna come home.
and when she was 7 she believed it better.

There were no more pictures
Mother burned
every single one of them.

Remember you called
to tell him to bring home toys and he said he would.
He said to just wait a little longer.
Remember he called back months later
and you missed him too much you couldn't speak.
Remember you not wanting to speak
because if you do he'd miss you a little less
then he prolly wouldn't have to come back as soon as he could have.

Remember he showed up years later
Remember he disappeared.

Remember the carnival.
Remember the rain.
Remember the tiny little bike.
Remember every little promises he made.

when there was just the three of you
in the kitchen of the last house you were in together.
That house
with a staircase by the front door.
remember you sat there watching
as the both of them speak
so loudly to each other.

Remember thinking
that somewhere in the world
he's breathing the same air.
You know the moon still follows his shiny red Fiat around
and it's taking care of him better than you could have.

But he still remember.
I sure wish he does.

I wish he lays awake in bed at night,
somewhere somehow
still needing you to wait just
a little longer.  


by Syuhada Malek 

How can I live without the proper love that I think I deserved
But I live
What if the only love I deserved is love from myself
Not no one else
As much as I thought I deserved love from other people
It wont be as much as I’m capable to give love for myself
Love for myself can come from every corner
It can consists of different kind of feelings, emotions and settings
Above all it is under the same roof; love.
For my self
I should love her
be her
let her love other part of her that deserved mountain of love too.
True love isn’t when I am being loved by anyone else
Though, it can be that way
But when I love myself
I will be my own home which I can always return to.
Loving myself can be;
As hard as it can be
As simple as it can be
As loving as it can be
As infinite as it can be. 

by Syuhada Malek

Love san be the smallest thing we do or not do
Be it when we eat our favourite food, listening to our favourite song
Or simply when we just smiling stupidly at our own reflection in the mirror
Looking at the mirror, even when there is someone else looking at the same mirror
we aren’t being blind by their reflections
We cherished both moments
We celebrate every roses that ever bloom
every moment we share with the mirror
it is as if the mirror is staring back at us
the feeling of enough, knowing the person we see in the mirror are the best version
we can be
behind those smiles
we know there are no force, no lies underneath it.
Love is never a possession
It’s never an ownership
It also doesn’t have to be when we are being loved
Love is freedom
It flies freely like florets in garden
It shines like crystal snow in the winter
Being beautiful as they are
People love it and we love it
When we are in our own heart
We will never truly gone
Its the purest love
Even at unlikely times, we will always come back to our own selves
Because when we are in love, there is a heart to protect
That it is own selves
At sweet and bittersweet.  


by Yip Wayne

Clear seas behold unsettled waters,
And they say calm waters run deep,
Tread the stormy ocean I did,
Only to find myself drowning among the reef.

The weight of the water held me down,
The surface within my reach but felt so far,
Bewildered I was with thoughts that I could drown,
My hopes were slumped as I sink into the dark,

That was when I felt my lungs constricting,
Dragged down by the anchor beneath me,
The sunlight fading with each passing minutes,
My arms stretched out in hopes that someone would save me

Images of my life flashed before my eyes,
My mouth gasping with the little bits left of my life,
Only to taste the salty bitter tragedies that befell upon me,
Then it became a silent tranquil moment

My fingers loosen the grips on the strings I once held tight
As my old empty vessel drifted along with the tides
I felt calm for once in my whole entire existence
And I let my wandering soul swim towards another life 

“ o k a y ”

by Nur A'liyah Iman

it’s difficult to sleep at night
with the raging war outside
it’s suffocating to be alright
with the roaring chaos inside. 


by Pena Hantu 

Dingin malam memeluk ku
Keheningan malam runut kegemaranku
Sunyi aku sendiri bersama kertas dan pena
Menulis warkah terakhir sebelum terpisah jasad dan nyawa

Apa tujuan aku hidup di dunia
Kegembiraan kesenangan tidak pernah ku rasa
Yang ada hanya duka dan hiba
Serik aku dengan dunia

Aku pasti tidak ada yang akan mencari
Aku pasti tidak ada yang merindui
Aku watak tidak penting dalam cerita hidup sesiapa
Bukan watak penting dalam cerita hidup aku juga

Aku memandang tali terjuntai di atas ku
Menunggu untuk memeluk tengkuk ku
Sebagai konklusi kepada penatnya hati
Aku lakukan kerana semua provokasi 


by Kimberly Ajat 

she lived with these demons
for many years
and kept them hidden
from their eyes
she wanted to tell them
but these demons told her not to.

it was her little secret
that tore her apart
eating her life away
as the day passes
she thinks of death often.

she wanted to end this misery
finally for good
but there’s still this fire in her heart
burning as it breathes life back to her
even when she didn’t feel it at all
telling her to rise again.

in the darkness of times
she has no one but herself
the storm has been rough for her
but she believes
that the sky will be bright again.

so she hedxsld her own hand
and tell herself that it will get better
and slowly picking herself up again. 


by Tan Xin Ying





by Heah Chia Yee



by Haziq Johari 

This land we filled with sickening mud
we throw striking the mask of innocents
who were born into the wilderness
as preys creeping in disguise
to paint colors on their faces
bones structured, shifted in harsh.
In shame, they shout, not loud, to the crowd
absentees they are- like the wind at night
tearing eyes as dust, they gone
ignored, unseen like a glass, transparent
shattering the land, they stepped in pain
red eyes, wounded feet, bleeding veins.
Hands up to the One, who listens
for the drips to drop for the mud to melt
and the clouds- they cry with sympathy, in agony
drooling, along the flesh of wilted melodies
through cracked skulls, squeezed by the enemies
bringing lives to dying dignities.
Breathe though it suffocates to death
smile though the lips slit in blood
in your cage you speak for the soul to rage
eyes to eyes, you grow the courage
as beasts- they seek to reign
as maniacs they are never sane.
Crumpled souls, they toss off the cliff
by the breeze it summoned as their wings
flapping like crows being preyed in hush
trapped in the grips of the noises
figures locked, tied down, bruised
vanishes throughout those lines and verses. 


by Mochi 

oh amoi
girl you looking sweet, walking down that street
taking in the Malaysian heat,but having all them eyes peep
from all the creeps, that call you cheap
like wolves hunting sheep,they silently creep
until they leap, and pounce
eating every ounce, of what you are

oh amoi
pretty girl you are, driving your car
until someone hits you from behind
and then they say you’re blind
pointing fingers making your teeth grind
asking you to pay, saying that it's the way
while you can’t really convey, what they are trying to say
because they hit you!
and not the other way around, and you feel like you want to shut down
and beat them to the ground
because it's not your fault, and this is considered assault
but you have to be an adult, taking in the insult

because murder is bad, and jail time is sad, so you can't really get mad

oh amoi
i know life is shit, and we always get hit
and sometimes people spit, people calling us hypocrites
because we don't belong to one race

oh amoi
you and i we are mixed babies
sure we might be lazy, and we complain on the daily, but we are still ladies
That came from love and from god above
coz we are tough, we got the stuff, we’re not rough, and people can't get enough

Of our complicated past and we can be outcast
But time has gone fast
and you and i are grown and nothing is set in stone
change is in our bones
we will walk this earth together and not alone 





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